As a hard-working hustler, we sometimes forget that we need to take care of ourselves. We focus so much on whether everyone else is ok except ourselves. As we continue to go through each day with high levels of stress and low levels of energy, we get closer and closer to burnout. Wellness is your health, nutrition and mental state combined into one word. In life, we constantly searching for a balance in all that we do and overall wellness is a balance between health, nutrition, and mental state.

Health is a state of the body, Wellness is a state of being.

  • Health

We tend to not be mindful of our health status due to the busy lives we live and the side effects of this display when one gets diagnosed with a chronic disease which could have been prevented if we just took better care of ourselves on a daily basis. It is essential to check your blood pressure and sugar levels every three months. This assists you to be aware of your general health level throughout the year. When we young we tend to think diseases like high blood pressure cannot affect us but it can. I was nearly put on hypertension medication at the age of 25 due to my unhealthy lifestyle. So make sure you get checked regularly.

  • Nutrition

Eating a balanced nutritious diet is vital. Now I know junk food is easily available, usually cheaper than healthy food, but you are what you eat. When you change to a healthy lifestyle you will see the changes in your energy levels confidence and so much more. I can help you to change your lifestyle to a better healthy lifestyle as I have personally made the change myself. Check out the product range that can assist you in making the change and contact me so we can start the journey together.

  • Mental State

Is a fundamental component of your well being as everything comes from your mental state. It is important to treat your mind like a precious jewel as if your mind is in a terrible state so your life will be. We underestimate the power of our thoughts and continuously have a negative internal conversation with ourselves. The first step to getting your mental state in line is to really analyze what is your current mental state and then take steps to better it even if it means you need counseling. I can personally attest to the power of counseling and the healing it can bring to the mental strongholds that can hold us captive.

Share your thoughts and let me know the ways you are keeping a balanced wellness state.